I'm just a dreamer waiting on her guardian angel, her wayward wizard, her fallen Asgardian prince, her Doctor, or her next big adventure.




Casual reminder that Nani was on her way to becoming a Professional Surfer before her parents died and she had to drop everything to look after Lilo.

I apologize, I don’t mean to deter from the heart breaking and yet heart warming message,

Nani has a poster of Mulan on her wall.



Watching my favourite tv series or movie:


this is the most accurate post I’ve ever seen….bless you


"When a guy tells me I’m cute, it’s not something desirable. Cute is more like what you want your pet to be."

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Tom Hiddleston wins ELLE Man Of The Year 2014 (x)

Tom Hiddleston has won ELLE Man Of The Year at the ELLE Style Awards 2014. 

He couldn’t be with us tonight, so he sent us – and you – this message instead. No, we didn’t smack him around the head to make him do it (but there’s a good story behind that plaster!) And yes, shooting this VT was the most fun we’ve had at midnight in a hotel room in, well, forever.

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It’s hilarious that we live in a society that will shame you for how much sex you have and for the junk food you eat. Like, wow, how dare you eat delicious foods and have orgasms, you’re a monster. Enjoy your miserable life filled with pleasures.